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Public Association European Centre “Pro-Europe” from Comrat.

EuropeAid ID: MD2012EOX0806912472


General Information about

Public Association European Centre “Pro-Europe” from Comrat


European Center “Pro-Europa” from Comrat has been registered at the Department of Justice of ATO Gagauzia under no. 351 on 01/25/2012.

The organization is a non-governmental, non-political, independent, non-profit institution. Its activities are of public benefit nature.

European Center ”Pro-Europa” from Comrat brings its contribution for the development of Gagauz civil society through information and consulting services, technical and institutional support, developing and deepening the collaboration between public local authorities, non-governmental organizations and mass media institutions in solving the issues of local communities and as well as developing the volunteering in the region.

The initiative of opening the European Center ”Pro-Europa” in Comrat belongs to Moldova Representative Office of Eurasia Foundation [starting 2010 all its programs have been inherited by East Europe Foundation] (March 10, 2009).
As a result of a professional and competent management proved by the center, the idea grew into an initiative of creating an independent non-governmental organization.

The mission: Creation of an efficient mechanism to promote the idea of European integration on the territory of Gagauzia.

The goal: to inform Gagauz population about European Union, its institutions, policies and social programs, as well as about the relations between European Union and Republic of Moldova.

Activity areas of European Center “Pro-Europa” from Comrat:

  • Consolidate institutional possibilities for regional development and civil society;
  • Professional skills and social integration of vulnerable youth from rural regions of Southern part of Moldova;
  • Raise the public awareness on women rights and gender equality;
  • Building a positive vision on the European integration process for the inhabitants of Gagauzia;
  • Encouraging active participation of young people, NGOs, activists from cultural sector as well as representatives of private sector, through debates on European integration topics and informational campaign on EU;
  • Cultural diversity and heritage of values in Gagauzia” financed by Ministry of Culture of RM;
  • Organizing social actions and contests on various topics;
  • Supporting youth project ideas and initiatives, interaction of youth from different regions and countries;
  • Developing and distributing promotional materials (posters, informational booklets, calendars, leaflets, etc.);
  • Strengthening the cooperation with Gagauz mass media through its active participation in informational campaigns, development of informative video and audio materials, publications in print media;
  • Diversifying international partnerships, participating in international projects, organizing cultural and professional study visits;
  • Providing technical support: free access to Center’s library and internet network to visitors.


  • Gagauzian Public administrations and local authorities;
  • Educational structures: Komrat State University, vocational and pedagogical schools, lyceums;
  • Agency of Labor Market from Gagauzia;
  • Representatives of scientific environment;
  • NGO’s;
  • Media compaigns;
  • Youth.


Contact details of the organization:

Lenin str. 204a, ap.40, Comrat, ATU Gagauzia, RM

Phone: + 373 23437, Fax: + 373 28062

Email: proeuropamd@gmail.com

Web page:www.proeuropa.md


Organization’s Chairman: Liudmila Mitioglo

GSM: + 373 60770088